Good News Realme Users | ColorOS7 First Look is here

ColorOs7 Looks and Desgin

here is the first look of color os 7 for realme and oppo phones its coming end of the year …

ColorOs7 Releasing Date

ColorOs7 will be Launching in November 2019 ( 20 November) it will get oppo updates then it will be available for realme coloros7

Color os 7 Features

it has many features , like Calculate splitting features, Camera Optimizing, best UI and Much more features it will come with Android 10 and Stock Android Update which means its update will be so faster then before ,

this is not enough you will get many more features like Dashboard Optimizing , Battery Optimizing features…

In the 2020 realme phones will start getting ColorOs7 updates in the first batch Realme 3 pro will get update , Realme 5 pro will get update, Realme X , and realme xt will get color os 7 update,

in the second batch realme 3 will get Android 10 and color os 7 update and realme 5 and other one realne 3i will get the Android 10 and color os 7 update

lets talk about batch 3 there will be a device which is realme 2 pro , realme 2 pro will get Android 10 based on colorOs 7 update

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