5 Tips To Make Sure Your Smartphone Charger Lasts Longer

We always care about how to save or extend the life of smartphone batteries but we never think about smartphone chargers that are necessary to charge the batteries. Smartphones are useless without their chargers. If you turn off the smartphone charger, you know what it feels like. In the volume of our KM Bani Tips today, we are sharing some tips to take better care of smartphone chargers for you.

1) Always turn over

Always remove the charger from the head, not the cable. Never grab the charger cable and try to unplug it. Doing so too often will eventually damage the charger. It may feel fine at first but over time the relationship wears off and the bone is damaged.
[Amy Bunny Tips # 25] 5 Tips To Make Your Smartphone Charger Last Longer
2) Keep charges away from water sources

Keep the charger dry, away from water sources. Places like bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and places where water can be found. People often take their smartphones to the bathroom, which is not appropriate. Be aware that smartphones come with water protection while chargers do not.
3) Keep under specific temperature

Either hot or cold, extreme temperatures can damage battery chargers. Leaving battery chargers in sunlight or hot areas as well as cold areas can damage chargers. Keep them in safe places.

4) Keep the USB cable separate from the head

Nowadays, smartphones especially Android come with a separate USB cable and power adapter. Therefore, when not in use, disconnect the USB cable from the charger head. If holding the USB cables plugged can be detrimental, the head should be connected too fast.

[Amy Bunny Tips # 25] 5 Tips To Make Your Smartphone Charger Last Longer

5) Use an extra protector

Household appliances have a high incidence of damage to household appliances, so you never know when a power outage will ever have an effect. Make sure you use a surge protector to protect the charges from voltage fluctuations.

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