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We always care about how to save or extend the life of smart phone batteries, but we never think about smart phone chargers that are important for charging batteries. Smartphones are virtually useless without their chargers. If your smartphone charger runs out, you know how it feels. In the Mi Bunny Tips folder we are releasing today, we share with you some tips to take better care of smartphone chargers.

Always separate from the head
Always remove the charger from the top , not by the cable. Never attempt to disconnect the charger by holding the cable. Doing so often will eventually damage the charger. It might look fine at first but over time the connection loses and the wire gets damaged.
Keep the charge away from water sources
Keep the charger dry i.e. keep away from water sources. Places such as the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, and areas where spilled water can be found. People often take their smartphones in the bathroom, this is not recommended. Be aware that smartphones come with water resistance protection while chargers do not.
Keep at a certain temperature

Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can damage battery chargers. . Keep it in safe places.
Keep the USB cable separate from the head
Nowadays, smartphone, especially Android devices, comes with a separate USB cable and power adapter. Therefore, when not in use, disconnect the USB cable from the charger head. Continued connection of USB cables may result in damage if they are folded randomly from the side of the head.

Take advantage of the surge protector
In the home there are many cases of injury to household appliances, so you never know when an electrical surge may occur. Be sure to use a surge protector to keep chargers from voltage fluctuations.